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Dec 6, 2023
November 28, 2022

Exalens Selected for Exclusive Cyber Runway Ignite Programme

Exalens was selected as one of six startups to join the Cyber Runway Ignite Programme by Plexal.

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November 28, 2022

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On Monday November 28th, Exalens becomes one of the first inductees into the Cyber Runway Ignite programme by the Innovation and Startup Hub at Plexal. They were selected as one of six “high-potential” cyber security leaders and will work to enhance leadership skills to grow as a business. Exalens CTO, Dr Ryan Heartfield, will participate in the inaugural cohort of founders on behalf of the team.


The Ignite programme is a subsequent initiative that emerged from Plexal’s Cyber Runway accelerator, which is an innovation fast track for entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups. Plexal has been fostering talent within the cyber community through programmes like Cyber Runway, NCSC For Startups and LORCA.


During Cyber Runway Ignite, founders will receive mentoring, workshops, and networking opportunities to help achieve their goals, and will also gain business support from Plexal’s innovation services team and Deloittes’sCentre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT). The programme is funded by theDepartment for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, which also backs Cyber Runway.


Cyber minister, Julia Lopez, said: “As part of our multi-billion pound cyber strategy, we're unleashing the potential of the UK's top security talent to ensure they have the skills they need to successfully grow their business."

“Our investment in these tech founders will create new job opportunities and strengthen the country's cyber defences."


Saj Huq, CCO and head of innovation at Plexal, said: “The UK’s most connected cyber community has been built by Plexal for years with active alumni from innovation programmes such as Cyber Runway, LORCA and NCSC for Startups. Now we’ve leveraged this network to discover and support the best of the best cyber leaders and champion them to reach new heights."

"The Cyber Runway Ignite launch is a continued part of our mission to close the gap between organisations – small and large, private and public, local and global – and unleash technology that can strengthen our national security and enhance our socioeconomic prosperity. We’re excited to work closely alongside these six founders and be a part of their growth journey.”

Exalens provides automated monitoring and response for SmartFactories using cyber-physical AI. To learn more about the Exalens platform, visit the feature page, email, or call +44 (0) 208152 4467.