Mar 22, 2024

Cybersecurity Compliance for UK and EU Companies

We talk to cybersecurity compliance expert Cevn Vibert about regulations in the UK and EU and how to implement changes in an organization.

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Exalens Podcast Episode 6

Insights from Industry Expert Cevn Vibert on Cybersecurity Compliance

In the latest Exalens podcast episode, Andrew Macfarlane and Dr. Ryan Hartfield welcome Cevn Vibert, a distinguished expert with over 40 years in operational technology and two decades in cybersecurity. His extensive experience includes roles as a cybersecurity advisor, consultant, and speaker, offering a unique perspective on the challenges and solutions within the industry. Vibert's approach to cybersecurity is not just about implementing technical solutions but fostering a culture of security and resilience that aligns with regulatory standards and best practices.

Key Highlights from the Podcast

  1. Evolving Landscape of OT Cybersecurity: Cevn elaborates on the transformative journey of OT cybersecurity, from its nascent stages to the current emphasis on robust regulatory compliance. This evolution signifies a shift towards recognizing and mitigating cyber risks in critical infrastructure and industrial environments.
  2. Challenges in Meeting Regulatory Compliance: Vibert discusses the hurdles organisations encounter in aligning with the NIS Directive and NCSC CAF guidelines. He emphasises the need for a strategic approach that encompasses not just technological solutions but also process improvements and cultural change.
  3. The Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity: A recurring theme in Cevn's discourse is the necessity of a comprehensive strategy that integrates IT, OT, and physical security measures. This holistic approach ensures that organisations can effectively respond to and recover from cyber incidents, thereby enhancing their resilience against threats.

What are the main Cybersecurity Compliance Initiatives in the UK and EU?

Two pivotal compliance initiatives reshaping the cybersecurity landscape in the UK and the EU are the Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive and the National Cyber Security Centre's Cyber Assessment Framework (NCSC CAF). The NIS Directive aims to boost the overall level of cybersecurity across member states, focusing on essential services and digital service providers. On the other hand, the NCSC CAF provides a comprehensive set of guidelines to help organizations assess and improve their cybersecurity posture, ensuring compliance with the NIS Directive and other regulatory requirements.

Final Thoughts

The podcast episode with Cevn Vibert serves as a testament to the critical importance of cybersecurity compliance in safeguarding our digital and physical worlds. As organisations navigate the complex regulatory landscape, Vibert's insights offer a beacon of guidance, emphasising the need for a balanced and integrated approach to cybersecurity.

For professionals in the field, this episode is not just a learning opportunity but a call to action to prioritise cybersecurity and compliance as foundational elements of their operational strategy. By embracing the principles and practices discussed, businesses can fortify their defenses against the ever-evolving threat landscape, ensuring continuity and resilience in an interconnected world.

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