Jun 28, 2024

Enhancing OT Cybersecurity: Integration of AnzenOT and Exalens

Discover how the integration of AnzenOT and Exalens enhances OT cybersecurity with real-time data, accurate risk assessments, and effective risk management strategies.

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Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity is a critical concern for industries reliant on complex machinery and control systems. Protecting these systems from cyber threats requires robust, real-time solutions. AnzenOT, a risk management SaaS for OT cybersecurity, and Exalens, a Cyber Threat Defence solution for XIoT Network and XIoT Endpoints, have integrated their technologies to provide a comprehensive risk management approach. This integration empowers users with enhanced data-driven decision-making capabilities and proactive risk management strategies.

Real-Time Data for Proactive and Accurate Risk Management

The integration of AnzenOT with Exalens brings significant advantages by incorporating real-time data into risk assessments. Exalens continuously monitors OT devices for anomalies, providing up-to-date incident data that AnzenOT leverages to inform risk assessments. This proactive approach allows users to mitigate risks before they escalate into significant issues.

Moreover, utilizing real-time data from Exalens enhances the accuracy of AnzenOT's risk predictions. This integration ensures that risk assessments are based on the most current information, allowing users to implement timely and effective risk management strategies. The combination of deep network analysis and scenario-based risk assessment provides a robust defense against cyber threats, ensuring a comprehensive and dynamic risk management system.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Analyzing Current and Recent Incidents

AnzenOT’s AI analyzes incidents detected by Exalens, using this data to update the facility’s overall risk profile. This continuous analysis ensures that risk assessments remain relevant and accurate, reflecting the current threat landscape.

Asset Assignment and Risk Scenarios

Users can assign Exalens-monitored assets to specific risk scenarios within AnzenOT. This integration allows the configuration and incident status of these assets to be considered in risk assessments, providing a detailed and accurate understanding of potential vulnerabilities.

Automatic Risk Treatment Plans

AnzenOT’s risk treatment plans automatically factor in the status of connected assets monitored by Exalens. This ensures that recommendations are based on the latest incident data, enabling users to develop effective risk mitigation strategies.

End-to-End OT Risk Management

The integration of AnzenOT and Exalens provides a complete end-to-end OT risk management solution. From the deep AI-driven network analysis by Exalens to the AI-informed scenario-based risk assessments from AnzenOT, this partnership delivers comprehensive protection for OT environments.

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