Protecting our future, by securing our Cyber-Physical society

With deep roots in AI-driven cyber-physical security research and intrusion detection, at Exalens, we are enhancing operational resilience for cyber-physical systems at the OT edge.

Meet the people
behind Exalens

Executive Team

Dr Ryan Heartfield

CEO, Cofounder

Sadaiyandi Ramadoss

CTO, Cofounder

Dr Eirini Karapistoli

Head of R&D, Cofounder

Andrew MacFarlane

Head of Marketing

Advisory Board

Joe Weiss

Board Advisor, Managing Director ISA99 ICS Cyber Security Pioneer, Keynote Speaker

Alberto Pelliccione

Board Advisor, Co-Founder and CEO at ReaQta

Frank Staut

Board Advisor, Founder and Managing Partner at InvestLink

Cevn Vibert

Board NIS Advisor, CEng, CITP, FInstMC, FIET, FBCS, 27kLA

Prof Chris Hankin

Board Advisor, Imperial College London, RITICS

Stephen West

Board Advisor, NSSIF, UK Gov

George Prokopos

Board Advisor

Our Mission

To fortify companies with cyber-physical AI.

Industrial sectors are undergoing a significant shift towards an increasingly interconnected ecosystem. We understand that business owners and teams already have substantial responsibilities, and integrating as well as maintaining sophisticated cybersecurity within their operations adds further complexity to an already challenging network of systems. We believe that for digital transformation to become a true revolution, cyber and physical system visibility needs to be unified, and security monitoring needs to be automated.

That’s why we’ve created a single automated platform to empower businesses and engineers with the cyber-physical security they need to keep producing every day.

Our Story

Exalens was born out of the passion to protect and enable our emerging Cyber-Physical society.

Back in 2012 Exalens’ founders, working across Industry and Academia, discovered first-hand how the technology landscape was shifting on a seismic scale. Increasing connectivity and automation between computer systems and physical machines was leading to greater and very real risk of cybersecurity compromise, that would not only affect computer systems, but also have the potential to create significant adverse effect in the physical world, threatening critical infrastructure that protects our very way of life.

This led Exalens founders to begin the first research in proving how convergence of cyber and physical behaviour monitoring, with the use of AI, helps to shift cybersecurity balance, by automatically spotting and distinguishing cyber, physical and cyber-physical threats faster and more accurately than either alone. Armed with this insight and understanding its ramifications for securely enabling connected-industry and cyber-physical systems, Exalens was created.

Our Timeline


Exalens founders publish the first scientific research in AI-driven Cyber-Physical threat detection to protect against cyber-physical attacks.


Exalens is founded


Exalens are awarded R&D first project


Exalens establishes a presence in the Netherlands


Exalens begins development of a ground-breaking Cyber-physical Detection platform


Exalens joins UK NCSC Accelerator and receives international recognition for its innovative technology


Exalens Platform launched


Our Research

Thought leaders in cybersecurity

Our team has spent over a decade in the pursuit of developing state-of-the-art cyber-physical security monitoring technologies. We've helped build and deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions across a wide range of emerging and digitally transforming industries.