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Threat Detection

Transform uncertainty into assurance – Expedite threat detection in IIoT with Exalens

Challenges for Threat Detection

Exalens aim to solve common challenges

  • Complex Ecosystems A vast array of interconnected devices, platforms, and systems make it difficult to effectively monitor and detect potential threats.
  • Volume and Velocity of Data Data can overwhelm traditional threat detection systems, causing them to miss subtle signs of an impending attack or malfunction.
  • Legacy Systems and Devices Older devices can present serious security vulnerabilities, making it easier for potential threats to slip through the cracks.

Unveil the root cause and ripple effects of threats and anomalies

Classifies and correlates incidents with AI to determine the source of threats and anomalies.

  • Automates analysis and visualisations of threats and anomalies at scale
  • Provides explainable detection indicators in natural language to make alerts accessible for both IT and OT teams
  • Enhances existing security and operational teams with 24/7 support from an AI analyst that streamlines detection and response

Turn AI-powered insights into decisive action

Reduce mean-time-to-respond by more than 80%.

  • Overcome complexity in IIoT ecosystems and pinpoint threats and anomalies across interconnected devices and systems
  • Leverage an AI powered engine to address the mounting volume and velocity of data within your environment
  • Mitigate the risks from legacy systems with a solution that is device agnostic

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