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Process Anomaly Detection

From chaos to clarity - Uncover hidden anomalies in real-time with Exalens

Challenges for Process Anomaly Detection

Exalens aim to solve common challenges

  • Variability in Normal Operations What is considered "normal" can vary greatly depending on numerous factors and this makes it challenging to establish a robust baseline for detecting anomalies.
  • Integration of Systems IIoT environments often contain a mix of new and legacy systems that make tracking and analysing data difficult.
  • Skills Shortages Anomaly detection in IIoT requires a unique mix of skills which are not always readily available or affordable

Elevate your process understanding and unlock AI-driven insights

Classify and correlate incidents with AI to determine the source of threats and anomalies.

  • Enhance the monitoring of cyber-physical systems by seamlessly combining the analysis of process and machine behaviour alongside its network activity
  • Works for both discrete, continuous, and ad-hoc processes, and automatically learns as processes change in real-time
  • Intelligently discovers dependencies between different process variables, and visualises the potential impact paths of process anomalies

Your AI-Powered Analyst for IIoT Environments

Unleash the power of adaptive learning for real-time detection.

  • The adaptive learning ability of Process IQ allows it to cope with the variability inherent in IIoT operations
  • Its capacity to monitor both discrete and continuous processes, as well as ad-hoc changes, makes it flexible and adaptable.
  • Empower your teams with an AI analyst that works 24/7 to supercharge threat and anomaly detection

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