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Make slow response times a thing of the past with Exalens

AI Monitoring for OT and IIoT Environments

Bridge IT and OT monitoring and security

Eliminate unplanned downtime and maximise operational reliability with Cyber-Physical AI that detects process anomalies, system faults, and cybersecurity threats in seconds.

Challenges for Manufacturing

Exalens aim to solve common challenges

  • Restricted Monitoring Narrow visibility of devices and processes do not adequately capture the whole threat landscape.
  • Slow Analysis and Detection When something goes wrong in a production environment it can take hours or even days to resolve.
  • Siloed Teams Disjointed information creates disjointed teams and slow response times to incidents that impact operations.

Boost Efficiency and Reduce Mean-Time-To-Respond

Exalens uses advanced Cyber-Physical AI to autonomously spot anomalies (faults, failures, and cybersecurity threats).

  • Take a proactive approach to problem-solving allows you to identify and resolve production bottlenecks in real-time
  • Alert workers when incidents occur, and empower operators to self-correct problems, improving overall efficiency
  • Improve operational reliability and reduce incident response times by more than 80%

Making Smart Manufacturing Smarter with Cyber-Physical AI

Your operations are cyber-physical and now your monitoring and security can be too.

  • Gain complete visibility and analytics for all your OT & IIoT assets and processes
  • Automate asset discovery and tracking across your systems
  • Uncover the root cause of any incident along with details for the complete scope of the problem and impact

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