A solution for

Critical National Infrastructure

Accelerate your response times with Exalens AI

AI Monitoring for OT and IIoT Environments

Bridge IT and OT monitoring and security

Eliminate unplanned downtime and maximise operational reliability with Cyber-Physical AI that detects process anomalies, system faults, and cybersecurity threats in seconds.

Challenges for Critical National Infrastructure

Exalens aim to solve common challenges

  • Restricted Monitoring Narrow visibility of devices and processes do not adequately capture the whole threat landscape.
  • Slow Analysis and Detection When something goes wrong in your environment it can take hours or even days to resolve.
  • Siloed Teams Disjointed information creates disjointed teams and slow response times to incidents that impact operations.

‍Boost Efficiency and Reduce Mean-Time-To-Respond

Exalens uses advanced Cyber-Physical AI to autonomously spot anomalies (faults, failures, and cybersecurity threats).

  • Take a proactive approach to problem-solving allows you to identify and resolve operational bottlenecks in real-time
  • Alert workers when incidents occur, and empower operators to self-correct problems, improving overall efficiency
  • Improve operational reliability and reduce incident response times by more than 80%

Bolstering Critical National Infrastructure Efficiency and Resilience

An AI Analyst engine classifies and correlates incidents to determine the source of threats so you can respond quickly and efficiently.

  • Automates analysis and visualisations of threats and anomalies at scale
  • Provides explainable detection indicators in natural language to make alerts accessible for both IT and OT teams
  • Enhances existing security and operational teams with 24/7 support from an AI analyst that streamlines detection and response

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