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Challenges for Compliance

Exalens aim to solve common challenges

  • Adapting to Various Standards and Regulations Keeping up-to-date with data protection, cybersecurity, interoperability, and industry-specific requirements can be a significant challenge for companies.
  • Integration of Legacy Systems Many systems have not been designed with current compliance standards in mind. Retrofitting these systems to meet compliance requirements can be technically difficult and costly.
  • Cybersecurity Compliance As IIoT devices are often critical components of infrastructure, they can be targets for cyberattacks. Ensuring these devices are secure and meet cybersecurity compliance standards is essential, yet challenging due to the evolving nature of cyber threats.

Navigating Compliance with Exalens

Secure, Transparent, and Accountable: Exalens' Comprehensive Suite of Features Bolsters Compliance in a Complex Landscape

  • Exalens' threat detection capabilities, incident analysis, and response features aid in achieving cybersecurity compliance.
  • By providing in-depth analysis and insights into process anomalies, companies can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining robust and secure operational processes.
  • Asset visibility and intelligence not only helps meet compliance standards related to asset management but also assists in identifying and mitigating potential risks associated with non-compliant or vulnerable assets.
  • Streamline the often complex and time-consuming process of compliance reporting with capabilities to track, record, and analyse relevant data.
  • Exalens is ISO27001 certified and adheres to globally recognised data protection standards

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