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Asset Visibility and Intelligence

Discover the unseen – Elevate asset management with Exalens

Challenges for Asset Visibility and Intelligence

Exalens aim to solve common challenges

  • Scale and Complexity Vast IIoT networks make it incredibly difficult to maintain complete visibility and gather intelligent insights about every asset.
  • Dynamic Nature of Assets With devices being added, removed, or reconfigured, this change makes it hard to maintain up-to-date visibility and understanding of all assets.
  • Cybersecurity Risks Without comprehensive asset visibility and intelligence, unidentified assets could potentially be exploited by malicious actors.

Make the Unknown Known

Automate asset discovery and monitoring for comprehensive operational insight

  • Automatically categorise assets and track business-critical systems
  • Identify and monitor previously unseen devices and unusual changes in your cyber-physical processes
  • Simple drag-and-drop setup with intuitive interface

Unveiling Complete Asset Visibility and Intelligence

Classify and track automatically. Simplify asset management and enhance cybersecurity.

  • Utilise a unified platform for IT, IoT, and OT assets alike to ensure the most comprehensive visibility regardless of the IIoT environment.
  • Adaptive AI that keeps up with your dynamic systems and changing assets
  • Uncovering previously unseen devices and unusual changes helps identify potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors and provides an extra layer of security

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