Jan 23, 2024

Exalens Welcomes Joe Weiss to their Advisory Board

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We Welcome Joe Weiss to Our Advisory Board

We are thrilled to announce that Joe Weiss has joined the Exalens Advisory Board. He brings to Exalens an unparalleled depth of expertise and experience. In 2000, he was a pioneering figure in initiating the control system cybersecurity program for electric utilities. His extensive knowledge, underscored by over 80 published papers on a range of pertinent topics including instrumentation, control systems, and cybersecurity, enriches our foundation of expert insights.

Author of the seminal work “Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats,” Weiss has been a vanguard in shaping the landscape of industrial cybersecurity. His commitment to cybersecurity and system integrity is further evidenced by his comprehensive database, which chronicles over 17 million control system incidents. This repository is a testament to his dedication to understanding and mitigating the multifaceted risks facing today’s interconnected industrial environments. As an ISA Fellow and Managing Director at Applied Control Solutions, Weiss has been instrumental in establishing industry standards for automating processes, security, and safety systems.

We warmly welcome Joe Weiss to the Exalens team and look forward to a future where our collaboration will bring about transformative advancements in the realm of cyber-physical security.

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