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August 24, 2021

Exalens selected to join Plexal Cyber Community

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August 24, 2021

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We are pleased to announce Exalens has been invited to join   the Plexal Cyber Community

We are thrilled to join Plexal’s Cyber Community in Here East; Exalens team wishes to become an active member of a diverse ecosystem promoting innovation towards the modern safety challenges.

Ryan Heartfield, CTO and Chief Scientist at Exalens, explained, “The Plexal cybersecurity community places us within a hub of UK cyber innovation, where we now have the opportunity to exploit a rich ecosystem of cybersecurity expertise, resources and community which will springboard our mission for enhancing operational resilience in Digital Industry.”

At Exalens, we protect digital manufacturing against downtime and safety events through early warning of both system malfunctions and cyber security incidents.

With Retina, our ground-breaking “cyber-physical” security AI platform, manufacturers enhance their operational resilience with automated incident detection and response.