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Jan 31, 2024

Exalens Partners with Communicate Technology

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Exalens Partners with Communicate Technology to Enhance Cybersecurity in Industrial Sectors

Exalens has announced a strategic partnership with Communicate Technology, a leading IT, telecoms and cyber security provider. This alliance aims to transform cybersecurity in the industrial sector by integrating Exalens' advanced AI-powered XDR platform with Communicate’s extensive expertise as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). The collaboration is set to offer enhanced real-time threat detection and rapid response capabilities, ensuring robust protection for operational technology and IIoT environments.

The partnership between Exalens and Communicate Technology marks a significant advancement in cybersecurity for the industrial sector. Exalens brings its state-of-the-art Cyber-Physical AI technology, offering real-time monitoring and anomaly detection in OT and IIoT environments. This complements Communicate's comprehensive managed security services, providing businesses with an integrated, end-to-end security solution from their UK-based team of experts within their Security Operations Centre (SOC). Together, they aim to address the unique challenges faced by industries in safeguarding their operational technologies. The collaboration will focus on enhancing threat detection, reducing response times, and offering tailored security solutions, thereby fortifying the digital defences of their clients in an increasingly interconnected and automated industrial landscape.

"We are thrilled to partner with Communicate Technology, a company that shares our vision for advanced industrial cybersecurity. This partnership enables us to integrate our XDR platform's capabilities with Communicate's robust managed security services, creating a powerful shield against cyber threats in the OT and IIoT environments. Together, we are setting a new standard for industrial cybersecurity, ensuring our clients can operate with confidence in an industrial ecosystem that continues to modernise its operations," stated Dr. Ryan Heartfield, CEO of Exalens.

Exalens: Based in London and Eindhoven, Exalens specialises in cyber-physical monitoring and security for industrial sectors. Their platform, driven by advanced Cyber-Physical AI, provides real-time visibility into OT and IIoT assets, detecting anomalies and cybersecurity threats, and rapidly identifying root causes and impacted devices. Exalens empowers IT and OT teams with detailed insights for swift response, maintaining operational uptime.

Communicate Technology: Communicate Technology are IT, telecoms and cyber-security specialists, keeping over 500 businesses and 50,000 users connected and secure across the UK. Since 2011, they’ve been connecting organisations of all shapes and sizes; fast becoming one of the industry’s leading internet service and managed security providers.

For more information, visit Exalens and Communicate Technology.