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Aug 12, 2022
August 24, 2021

Exalens joins NCSC for Startups

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We’re thrilled to announce Exalens has been selected to join  NCSC for Startups

We’ll be working with the National Cyber Security Centre, Plexal, and partners across the UK to develop solutions to the UK’s biggest cybersecurity challenges.

NCSC for Startups is the successor to the NCSC Cyber Accelerator, a government programme bringing together innovative startups and NCSC technical expertise.

Ryan Heartfield, CTO and Chief Scientist at Exalens, explained, “We proud and excited that the NCSC and their partners have recognised Exalens as a cyber innovator for automation threat detection and response in digital manufacturing. We are on a mission to enhance operational resilience for manufacturers undergoing digital transformation, and we will be working with the NCSC and partners Deloitte, CyNam, Hub8 and QA to make that a reality.”

At Exalens, we protect digital manufacturing against downtime and safety events through early warning of both system malfunctions and cyber security incidents.

With Retina, our ground-breaking “cyber-physical” security AI platform, manufacturers enhance their operational resilience with automated incident detection and response.