Exalens Industrial MDR

Exalens Industrial Managed Detection and Response

Secure Your Industrial Operations with Exalens MDR

Next-generation monitoring and security requires next-level human-machine teaming

That's where Exalens AI-powered Industrial MDR service comes in

  • Cyber-Physical AI We leverage advanced cyber-physical AI to force-multiply our monitoring of assets and processes in real-time.
  • Seamless Operational Integration and Compliance Our service is engineered for minimal disruption, ensuring that the essential functions of your OT systems continue uninterrupted while maintaining the highest security standards.
  • Rapid Incident Response With a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, Exalens offers rapid and decisive incident response, ensuring that any potential threats are swiftly managed to minimize impact on your operations.


In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, Exalens offers a comprehensive Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service that is tailored to safeguard Industrial operations.

Combining our expertise in Industrial Detection and Response with cutting-edge Cyber-Physical AI, our MDR service provides real-time threat detection, analysis, and rapid response, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your critical operations.

Key Challenges to ICS and Compliance

  • Cybersecurity Threats and Operational Continuity: The rise in cyber incidents targeting ICS networks, especially with the convergence of IT and OT systems, has heightened the need for robust cybersecurity measures​​​​.
  • Aging Infrastructure and Legacy Systems: Many industrial systems are decades old, lacking modern security features, which poses significant security challenges​​​​.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Adhering to industry standards and regulations, such as the NIS 2 Directive, IEC 62443, and OG86, is crucial for maintaining cybersecurity governance and resilience​​​​.
  • Internet Connectivity and Increased Attack Surface: The integration of IIoT and smart devices into ICS environments has expanded the cyber-attack surface, making these systems more vulnerable to external threats​​​​.
  • Physical Threats: Physical manipulation, tampering, or destruction of operational technology poses a real risk to system integrity and safety​​.
  • Visibility and Control Limitations: Many ICS networks lack the necessary visibility and security controls due to their legacy designs, making it difficult to identify and protect vulnerable assets​​.

How Exalens Can Help

  • Proactive Threat Detection Our advanced Cyber-Physical AI autonomously identifies and prioritises potential threats, keeping your operations one step ahead of cyber risks.
  • Expert Analysis and Rapid Response Our team of experts provides in-depth analysis and immediate response to mitigate and resolve incidents, ensuring minimal impact on your operations.
  • Comprehensive Asset Visibility Gain unparalleled real-time visibility into your OT and IIoT assets, enhancing your ability to monitor and protect your industrial environment.
  • Compliance Assurance Stay compliant with industry standards and regulations with our continuous monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • Integration with Legacy Systems Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with both modern and legacy systems, providing robust security without disrupting your existing operations.

Why Exalens?

  • Tailored Security Solutions: At Exalens, we understand that each industrial setup is unique. Our MDR service is customized to meet the specific needs of your OT environment.
  • Proven Expertise: Leveraging years of experience in cybersecurity, Exalens is equipped to handle the complexities of protecting industrial systems.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that we offer not just a service, but a partnership in securing your industrial future.

Do you think we can help protect your operations?

With Exalens MDR, you can ensure the highest level of security for your industrial control systems, safeguarding your operations against evolving cyber threats while maintaining compliance and operational efficiency.

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