Cyber PHA

Cyber Process Hazard Analysis: Advanced Risk Assessment for Industrial Cybersecurity

Systematic Evaluation of Cyber Risks in Industrial Control Systems


Exalens' Cyber Process Hazard Analysis service offers a specialized risk assessment methodology for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS), including Operational Technologies (OT), Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS), and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). This service is a comprehensive analysis of deviations, consequences, safeguards, and risk-reduction actions, aligning with industry standards such as ISA/IEC 62443 and NIST SP 800-39. By integrating IT and multiple engineering disciplines, our Cyber HAZOP delivers a risk-ranked mitigation plan that comprehensively addresses the unique challenges and cybersecurity risks in industrial environments.


  • Integrated Approach to Safety and Cybersecurity: Merging process safety, control, and cybersecurity for a holistic assessment.
  • Systematic Risk Analysis: Following a structured process to identify and evaluate cyber risks and their impact on safety and operability.
  • Expert-Led Workshops: Conducted by experienced facilitators with deep knowledge across IT, cybersecurity, process control, and safety engineering.
  • Tailored Safeguard Recommendations: Providing credible, actionable strategies for cyber risk reduction.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Ensuring adherence to relevant standards like ISA/IEC 61511 for process industry cybersecurity.
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Fostering cooperation among IT, engineering, operations, health, and safety teams to address cybersecurity comprehensively.

Why Cyber PHA?

Cyber PHA is essential for facilities with complex industrial processes, especially where the convergence of IACS and cybersecurity is significant. Traditional IT risk assessments and plant engineering risk assessments often overlook this convergence, leaving gaps in cybersecurity. Cyber PHA addresses this by combining various expertises to provide a complete view of the cybersecurity landscape, ensuring effective risk mitigation and resource allocation.

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