Architecture Assessment

Architecture Assessment: Elevating Your Cybersecurity Architecture

Comprehensive Analysis for Optimized Cybersecurity in Operational Technology


Exalens' Architecture Assessment service is designed to thoroughly evaluate and enhance your existing cybersecurity framework in the Operational Technology (OT) sector. Our approach includes a detailed review of your network architecture, a comprehensive analysis of your documentation, and in-depth interviews with your staff. This process is aligned with established industry standards, such as the MITRE ATT&CK for ICS, to ensure a robust evaluation of your OT cybersecurity posture. We focus on essential aspects like network segmentation, account management, and visibility within the OT environment, addressing common challenges such as inadequate network segmentation, improper account management, and limited visibility in OT systems.


  • Robust OT Cybersecurity Posture Assessment: Analyzing your current cybersecurity capabilities, including detection and protection strategies, to identify areas of improvement.
  • In-depth Network Architecture Analysis: A comprehensive examination of your network architecture to ensure it effectively mitigates risks and supports your operational needs.
  • Effective Documentation Review: Assessing the adequacy and accuracy of your existing documentation to ensure it aligns with actual network configurations and practices.
  • Insightful Staff Interviews: Gaining valuable insights from your team to understand the practical challenges and opportunities in your cybersecurity operations.
  • Tactical and Strategic Recommendations: Providing actionable advice for both immediate improvements and long-term strategies to mature your ICS security program.
  • Enhanced Network Segmentation: Addressing network segmentation issues to reduce the attack surface and improve the reliability of OT systems.
  • Optimized Account Management: Streamlining account management processes for both human users and automated services within the OT environment.
  • Increased Visibility: Establishing greater visibility in the OT environment to enhance security and reliability of systems and networks.

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