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Incident Analysis & Response

Turn crisis into control – Streamline incident analysis and response with Exalens

Challenges for Incident Analysis & Response

Exalens aim to solve common challenges

  • Speed and Complexity of Incidents A vast array of interconnected devices, platforms, and systems make it difficult to effectively monitor and detect potential threats.
  • Volume and Velocity of Data Data can overwhelm traditional threat detection systems, causing them to miss subtle signs of an impending attack or malfunction.
  • Lack of Contextual Information Incident analysis and response tools lack the necessary context to make sense of events

Empowering Incisive Incident Analysis & Response

Delve deeper with telemetry, enrich anomaly detections, and identify root causes for streamlined incident response.

  • Minimise operational disruptions with an adaptive system that continuously improves while providing forensics to investigate disruptions
  • Manage complex incidents at a rapid pace and gain an intuitive SQL query interface for swift and efficient analysis of incidents across operations
  • Build a comprehensive understanding cyber-physical devices and processes and devise effective response strategies for incidents

In-Depth Telemetry Analysis across Your IIoT Landscape

Streamlined SQL query interface for comprehensive forensic investigation and root cause identification

  • Easily perform aggregation and analytics searches with both near real-time and historical data
  • Conduct in-depth analysis and root cause identification across cyber (e.g., network)and physical (e.g., sensor, I/O, actuator) data sources
  • Forensically investigate and enrich cyber-physical anomaly detections generated by Process IQTM and correlated in Source IQTM

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