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Securely Enabling Your Journey to Industry 4.0
with Cyber-Physical Defence and Response.

Gain complete visibility over your digital operations. Detect cyber and physical threats in seconds.
Increase operational resilience and secure business continuity with Exalens-Sense.

A Virtual Security Analyst for Industry 4.0

Exalens-Sense is the Industry’s first security solution designed to protect Digital Industry. It equips organisations with a Virtual Security Analyst which combines network activity and physical process analysis to protect operational technology environments. Only Exalens empowers both IT and Production teams with the information they need to respond to incidents in seconds.

This is Industry 4.0 cybersecurity.

Powered by Cyber-Physical Security AI

With Exalens-Sense, businesses know in seconds whether cyber incidents are occurring, if and how they might impact production, or whether ongoing physical disruption is a result of a cybersecurity breach, system fault, or equipment failure.

For Digital Industry, this insight can be the difference between shutting down the factory, or not.

Detect threats invisible to existing security tools

Seamlessly combines physical process anomaly detection with operational network activity to spot cyber attacks which routinely evade traditional network and endpoint monitoring systems.

Automate 80% of incident analysis

Intelligently replicates the decision-making process of security analysts, continuously tracking, analysing, and correlating cyber and physical incidents at machine speed.

Speed up response, saving precious time and money

Enables teams to reduce incident response time with intuitive AI-driven explanations which helps IT and Production engineers pinpoint affected systems and processes in seconds to reduce impact and downtime.

Trusted by Market Leaders

Exalens helps organisations to securely enable Industry 4.0 by increasing operational visibility, resilience with Cyber-Physical Security AI that stays one step ahead of attackers to help maximise production uptime, safety and business continuity.

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