Our founders invented Cyber-Physical threat detection

Research is the foundation of our organisation. We started our company by helping others find innovative approaches that bridge the cybersecurity gap in cyber-physical systems. It led us to develop revolutionary technology.
- Dr Ryan Heartfield, CTO

Our Background

Exalens are thought leaders in AI-driven cybersecurity, cyber-physical systems security, and incident response optimisation.

Over the last 10 years, our people have developed state-of-the-art cyber-physical security monitoring technologies and helped build and deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions across a wide range of emerging and digitally transforming industries.


UK/EU R&D projects awarded

We have delivered ground-breaking innovation in cyber threat detection and response for critical industries undergoing significant digital transformation such as manufacturing, energy, maritime, transport, smart cities, healthcare, and more.


PhDs and Masters

Our team includes experts with PhDs and Masters in disciplines spanning Data Science, Mathematics, Network and Robotic Security.


Published Research Articles

The people of Exalens have published over 300 research articles for advances in AI for Cybersecurity, Intrusion Detection, Network Security, Industrial and Robotic Security, Information Trustworthiness, and other areas.

Our Research Partners comprise of some of Industry’s and Academia’s foremost technology pioneers and innovators

Research Summary

Dynamic Structural and Lexical embeddings for AGD Detection

Applying Deep Natural Language learning to classify domains names similar to those used malware command and control channels

Dr Pankhuri Jain, Dr Ryan Heartfield

Recursive multipass semantic analysis for device similarity and change detection

Identify similar devices and determine when there are sudden changes in behaviour between them

Dr Pankhuri Jain, Dr Ryan Heartfield

SDN-based Resilient Smart Grid Architecture

An architecture for dynamic risk assessment, intrusion detection / correlation, and self-healing in Smart Grids

Dr Orestis Mavropoulos
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