How Exalens Works

Technology Overview

We unify the visibility and detection of anomalies and threats between systems and harmonise your operations.

Complete Visibility

The Exalens platform passively monitors data from your cyber and physical systems to discover assets and track activity.

  • Continuously track and profile device, application and network activity across your IT, IoT, and OT systems.
  • Securely upcycle physical machine and process data via native integration with existing operational systems – no infrastructure changes required.
  • Seamlessly, and securely, combine both cyber and physical process analysis within a single, agentless monitoring platform.
Cyber and Physical Probes

Smart Detection

Autonomously Detect, Analyse and Correlate anomalies and incidents with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that thinks like a human, and acts with the speed of a machine.

  • Detect threats, vulnerabilities and anomalies in both device and physical process activity and track them as they evolve over time.
  • Autonomously analyse, assess and link related cyber and physical incidents across IT, IoT and OT systems in seconds.
  • Achieve low false positives and negatives with intelligent risk and threat classification, mapped to MITRE ATT&CK ICS, that determines context and intent of high-risk activity.
Unusual number of failed remote login attempts
49 mins ago
Cyber Icon
Suspicious network scanning activity
3 hours ago
Cyber Icon
Abnormally high voltage for Motor in Conveyor Belt
12 hours ago
Physical Icon
Unusual acceleration and position change for Robotic Arm
2 days ago
Physical Icon

Rapid Response

Empower your IT and OT teams with automated reports that detail information in simple language about incidents and ways to best manage and respond to them.

Know the root cause of operational threats or anomalies and see the full scope of the impact.

  • Visualise and understand cascading incident activity, impact and risk between IT, IoT and OT systems, as it occurs, in real-time.
  • See (and know) the difference between cyber threats, faults and equipment failures.
  • Accelerate and enhance the decision-making capabilities between your IT Analysts and OT Control Engineers with AI that reduces incident response time by more than 80%.

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