Retina Platform

Operational Resilience for Digital Manufacturing

Production security drives safety. Safety drives Productivity. Safety drives business.

Automate Cyber Risk Assessment and Incident Response with Retina

No Need for in-house Security

Cyber-physical Security AI intelligently correlates cyber + physical system telemetry from your Digital Enterprise to automatically detect & track threats

Cost-Efficient By-Design

Upcycles data generated by production systems for “Cybersecurity-as-a-service” risk assessment in the cloud, without the need for infrastructure changes

Tailored to Digital Manufacturing

With Cyber-physical security AI Retina spots threats to both IT and OT systems and calculates their projected impact in seconds (Data Theft, Downtime, Safety), with machine-speed incident response

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Retina protects the entire Digital Manufacturing process chain

The Science and Art of Automated Cybersecurity for Digital Manufacturing

Exalens has deep roots in AI-driven cybersecurity research for cyber-physical systems, combined with expertise automating threat detection and incident process for some of the worlds most complex operating environments. This led us to develop ground-breaking cyber-physical security AI which codifies the capabilities of a human cybersecurity analyst with an engineer's understanding of physical system behaviour and processes, so that Digital Manufacturers have the capability and peace of mind to detect and respond to cyber threats in seconds, without the need for an in-house security team.

Cyber-physical Security AI

Retina’s Cyber-physical security AI seamlessly integrates with your Digital Enterprise as your own 24/7 virtual security analyst with cyber-physical observability of both IT and OT system operations. By monitoring both IT and OT network, as well as the physical behaviour production systems and processes, it cautiously asses cyber risk to detect threats and vulnerabilities in seconds.

Control-aware Response

Retina automates incident response plans for SME manufacturers when they are breached and faced with a cybersecurity incident. With “Control-aware” incident response logic, Retina proactively calculates the projected impact of threats on IT and OT productions systems in real-time, from data theft, production downtime to safety, to provide machine-speed recommendations or automated response actions to mitigate on going threats without disrupting production systems.

What's under the hood (here's the science bit):

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