Platform Features

Discover and track assets, monitor processes and activity, detect threats and anomalies– respond faster than ever before.

Platform Summary

The Exalens platform learns your operational processes, analyses cyber-physical data, detects variations in behaviour, then correlates and classifies incidents to alert you in plain language about the what, where, when, how, and why an event is impacting your operations and how to best respond.

Process Monitoring

Gain AI-powered process and condition monitoring with our Process IQ feature. It baselines and learns your processes to supercharge the detection of threats, faults, and machine failures.

  • Enhances monitoring of cyber-physical systems by seamlessly combining the analysis of process and machine behaviour alongside its network activity
  • Works for both discrete, continuous, and ad-hoc processes, and automatically learns as processes change in real-time
  • Intelligently discovers dependencies between different process variables, and visualises the potential impact paths of process anomalies

Threat and Anomaly Detection

Know the root cause and the entire chain of impacted assets with our Source IQ feature. An AI Analyst engine classifies and correlates incidents to determine the source of threats and anomalies, and provides complete activity details so you can respond quickly and efficiently.

  • Automates analysis and visualisations of threats and anomalies at scale
  • Provides explainable detection indicators in natural language to make alerts accessible for both IT and OT teams
  • Enhances existing security and operational teams with 24/7 support from an AI analyst that streamlines detection and response

Asset Visibility and Intelligence

Automatically discover and classify cyber-physical system assets (IT, IoT, OT), and continuously tracks and profile their application, network, and process activity across operations with our Network IQ feature.

  • Automatically categorise asset criticality and process membership to prioritise and track business-critical systems
  • Identify and monitor previously unseen devices and unusual changes in your cyber-physical processes
  • Simple drag-and-drop setup with intuitive interface

Cyber-Physical Analytics

An intuitive SQL query interface for running simple and advanced timeseries telemetry searches for operations monitoring and real-time analytics across cyber-physical system assets and processes

  • Easily perform aggregation and analytics searches with both near real-time and historical data
  • Conduct in-depth analysis and root cause identification across cyber (e.g., network)and physical (e.g., sensor, I/O, actuator) data sources
  • Forensically investigate and enrich cyber-physical anomaly detections generated by Process IQTM and correlated in Source IQTM

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