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DiscØvery - Visual Network Security analysis for Digital Industry

Easily visualise potential network security risks

DiscØvery allows IT and Security practitioners to efficiently visualise and analyse cybersecurity risks and controls in complex networking environments, such as industrial control networks, 5G systems, and distributed Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, allowing for identifying potential sources threats and cyber risk.

Threat Model asset security relationships

With extensible domain-specific knowledge-bases, DiscØvery helps to classify different system entities, roles and relationships; enabling IT and Security teams to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities between IT, OT and IoT networks during system design, implementation or live operation.

Visual Threats. Reduce Cyber Risk.

"With the support of DiscØvery, performing Cyber risk assessment helps reduce the risk of a cyber attack on your business and show your customers you are committed to data security."

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